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This is Us!

Hi, It is great to meet you!

We are Doug & Roxanne Sapergia

owners of Hitch N Stitch Design.

A bit about us.  Our 31-year journey together began with a common love of horses and ranching. 


Born in Southern Saskatchewan and being raised in the heart of the local farming and ranching communities provided us with a strong work ethic, a love of animals, and the outdoors.   Meeting when I, Roxanne, was showing horses and in need of an amazing farrier to shoe them, a lifelong admiration began when I hired Doug.   After many years, and what feels like a million miles later, Doug is still my number one farrier.   

Moving together, with our children, to Alberta in 1993 was a dream come true for us.  This move brought us to a purebred Hereford and Angus ranch, north of Airdrie.  Although this was an amazing life and a fantastic place to work, more and more people began to seek out Doug for his shoeing expertise, and a hard decision was made to leave the ranch and move south of Calgary to shoe horses full time.

During this time I worked for a bovine reproduction centre and one of the largest equine veterinary practices in Alberta.   Once the move was made to the south of Calgary, I took a position managing an equine dental supply company and after 11 years with this company, I decided I wanted a change and resigned.  After a lot of thought, a few struggles, and some research Hitch N Stitch Design was founded and I bought our first embroidery machine.

Why an embroidery company?  Well, as we are rarely apart and work amazingly well together, we wanted a business where we could share the responsibilities and one that would keep us well connected to the equine industry and each other.  Creating fun and wonderful products that our clients get excited about receiving brings us a great deal of satisfaction.  We have been blessed by the support of many amazing clients and look forward to helping you bring your next creation to life!

Horses are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

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Head of Security

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