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Is that cap you are wearing looking a bit worse for wear?  

Do you know what one of the most popular branding items is?   


That's right it is ball caps!   Caps and toques make great promotional products because they are relatively inexpensive and everyone wears them.  We carry all of the most popular brands and have hundreds of more brands and styles available to choose from.  


You may also choose the decoration style that best suits you personal needs.  Your logo may be embroidered directly onto the cap or we can manufacture, the always popular patch, and then heat press them onto the cap or a combination of embroidery and patches or even just a simple heat pressed logo.   We will work with you to find just the right fit and look you desire.

Just a few of the brands we carry are:

Richardson -

Flexfit -


Yupoong -


Pictured are a just a few of our most popular sellers.


Please feel free to click on the link of the represented company to view hundreds of styles and colours.

Prices start as low as $15 with a front logo.  Contact us to discuss options.


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